Time For The WNBA To Step Their Game Up and Pay

Minnesota has a WNBA dynasty and we still don’t care. The thing is that Minnesota might be the best WNBA market in the league and the general public still doesn’t give a rip about the Minnesota Lynx or the league. The league was dealt a blow on Tuesday that might change the game.

The league lost one of its best players. Not because she retired or she’s pregnant or she’s injured. Nope, she’s getting paid not to play in the WNBA.

Diana Taurasi is sitting out the next WNBA season via the request of her overseas team UMMC Ekaterinburg. It’s not even exactly a request; they are paying her to sit out the season. Not just a couple thousand, no they are paying her entire WNBA salary and then some to sit out.

Taurasi makes a little under the league maximum of $107,000 in the WNBA. In Russia, during the WNBA offseason, she gets paid $1.5 million a season. The WNBA has been her hobby.

It is for a lot of players in the WNBA. They get paid millions during the offseason while being paid chump change for professional athletes in America.

The sad part is that you can’t even blame Taurasi for doing this. She is playing year-round right now, why not take the time off to finally recover and get paid more for doing it then actually playing. Sure basketball is her passion, but her passion is paying her more away from America.

15 times more.

This is a problem for the WNBA. There’s no reason other players won’t do the same exact thing. One of the biggest names in the game just did it.

Start paying these women the amount they deserve. I know the WNBA isn’t very profitable, probably not even profitable at all, but it’s a shame that the home of basketball is losing out to other countries.

The WNBA should be the dream for every female basketball player. They shouldn’t have to go overseas for what they deserve. Show them the money.

About 15 times the money.