The 20th Birthday Poem

I like poetry. Okay, that’s a lie. I like writing poetry, reading it is not my cup of tea. I wrote the following for my friend on her 20th birthday and now you can share it with your loved ones for their special birthday before the one that really matters.


A Very Special 20th Birthday Poem

With every morning a new day it brings

But this day is special, a new year it springs

You’re another year older, another year wiser

Sadly, a year away from a legal Budweiser


Take in the day, give it all that you got

All of your friends will say they love you a lot

Your birthday it is grand and splendor

364 days until there’s booze in a blender


Sit back, relax and the be the star of show

Close your eyes tight and remember the candles’ glow

Congrats on two decades here on Earth

Now save up your money, you know how much alcohol is worth



Love, Collin, PhD (PhD in Poetry)