I’m a firm believer in acknowledging your past even if your past isn’t the prettiest. Also, I wanted a spot to keep track of all of the places I have posted pieces across the internet. This page serves both purposes. Enjoy.

Bleacher Report (177 Articles)

I applied to Bleacher Report way too young and for some unknown reason they accepted me. Soon enough I became a Minnesota Twins Featured Columnist, mainly because I was one of the few writing about the Twins for the site. I got kicked out of Bleacher Report after they became relevant and decided they needed to up their game to go with their new Turner Sports image. I don’t blame them for kicking me out, it made me a better writer. Thanks, B/R.

Kottke’s Cuts/SB Nation FanPosts (21 Articles)

After I was relieved of my B/R duties, I decided I still needed an outlet for my writing. I turned to Blogger and made my own which was fun, but I wanted more exposure so I also turned to the FanPost sections on SB Nation sites, most notably Twinkie Town. The gang at Twinkie Town were more than supportive and the exposure over there got me my gig as Editor of Puckett’s Pond. Thanks, Twinkie Town.

Every post I put on SB Nation, with the exception of one Canis Hoopus, was also posted on Kottke’s Cuts, hence the combination of the two.

Puckett’s Pond (599 Articles)

Yes, you read that right. The Pond was my stepping stone into the Fansided world and it was a great experience for me. I was the senior editor for the site for nearly two years before handing off the reigns as I headed to Sporting Sota. The Pond was a lot of fun and I am very proud of the things that were accomplished during my time at the site. This site taught me how to run a website and for that I am forever grateful.

Sporting Sota (591 Articles)

Sporting Sota was a challenge, but a whole lot of fun. Puckett’s Pond was squarely focused on the Twins, but Sporting Sota allowed me to write about every single team in the state of Minnesota which is something I wanted for a long time. FanSided taught me a lot of things, connected me with some awesome people and allowed me to better my writing. They’ll always have a special place in my writing heart and I thank them for letting me be in charge of two of my favorite websites ever. It was a blast.

Other FanSided Sites (30+ Articles)

Being a part of the Fansided network is pretty awesome. I’ve had my work published on multiple sites while also being the editor of two. I wrote a handful of pieces in the beginning of the network’s television site, Hidden Remote, where I focused on my love of late night TV.  I also wrote specifically about the University of Minnesota and their athletics a time or two, 24 to be exact, on Gold and Gopher.

The Student Voice (20 Articles)

Naturally, I attended college to further my journalism schooling, despite starting my travels down the road long before my college days. In the journalism department, to make a long story short, you have to be a writer for the student paper for two semesters. In doing so, I published 19 solo stories, one longer piece with my colleague and learned a lot about true journalism, not just sitting on the couch and reacting via a blog. Blogging wouldn’t be a thing without the original version of journalism.