Sara Evans Apparently Doesn’t Own A Remote

Sara Evans must only get one channel on her television. Everything must be static or a black screen or just simulcasts of the one other channel. That has to be it. It’s not all bad; it’s apparently stuck on FOX.

She gets the NFL on FOX, MLB on FOX, NASCAR on FOX, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, the revived X Files thing, American Idol, The Last Man on Earth… oh, never mind.

Evans doesn’t approve of that show. That’s okay, everyone is allowed their own opinion. The songstress and I don’t have to have the same comedic tastes. It only makes sense that we don’t, really.

What should be a non-story has been made a story due to the stupidity of Sara Evans. Evans took to Facebook to complain about The Last Man on Earth, but she did a tad bit more than complain. She asked FOX to parent for her.

Let’s take a look at my favorite line from her Facebook post:

“In the first few scenes it shows him watching porn and saying a prayer to God and making a gross statement about doing something that should NOT be talked about on a major network. FOX. How are we supposed to teach our young boys and girls how to be respectable men and women when shows like that are right there readily available for them to watch?”

Change the channel, Sara, that’s how you can teach the young boys and girls. Don’t let your children watch the shows that you feel are ‘DISGUSTING’. It’s as simple as that.

You can control what your kids watch at home. You could do homework on the new show before you sit down and watch it with your children. Pre-screen it or something.

In this world we don’t need media corporations to teach our children anything, that’s what parents, grandparents and legal guardians are for. If you don’t like something simply change the channel. Maybe you could watch Dancing with the Stars, which is good family fun and sometimes shows Sara Evans in skimpy outfits.

Speaking of skimpy outfits, the ‘gross statement about something should NOT be talked about on a major network’ was about masturbation. The ironic thing being that I’m sure on Evans’ minimal TV appearances alone she’s been the focus of some men’s… umm… ‘admiration’.

And if you don’t like that, you can change the channel.


Jon Stewart: The Young Man’s Most Trusted Newsman

Dan Le Batard can be highly questionable, I had to do it, that being said he makes a good point every now and then. I know the feeling. Le Batard yesterday tweeted out the following:

It’s the series of unfortunate events for Brian Williams that makes him a punchline. Williams will continue to be a punchline for a couple weeks and then again in six months when he is scheduled to make his return to NBC Nightly News. If he makes that return, we’ll have to wait and see.

A man making those punchlines will be Jon Stewart. You know him from the critically acclaimed Jon Stewart Show on MTV… or if you are most people you know him from The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Stewart has been behind the desk there since 1999 replacing Craig Kilborn.

Stewart totally retooled The Daily Show. Kilborn’s Daily Show and Stewart’s Daily Show are totally different animals. One of these two won enough Emmys to give one to seemingly every resident in New Jersey; the other won as many Emmys as his beloved Minnesota Timberwolves have won NBA Championships.

This is not supposed to be a putdown fest of Kilborn, but more proof that what Stewart has done at The Daily Show is simply amazing. Stewart changed the way young people get the news, especially before the Twitter age and still strongly into it.

I could go around my college’s campus and ask fellow students who Brian Williams is and who Jon Stewart is and I am more than positive more would know the latter. I might get a couple, ‘Isn’t Brian Williams the guy that raps on Jimmy Fallon?’, but that’s the extent of Williams’ reach outside the retirement home demographic.

Stewart has never dumbed down the news. He’s brought comedy to it and shown a light on a lot of tough stories in a comedic way that almost everyone can understand it. There’s an Eminem line, which is kind of taken from a book, that I always go back to: I joke when I say I’m the best in the booth, but a lot of truth is said in jest.

Stewart has never said he is the best, but the jokes he delivers somehow put everything in the right light. Not everyone agrees with everything Stewart says, but he says it so beautifully that it is hard not to just sit and watch in awe of the man.

There was traction to a story that wanted Stewart to host NBC’s Meet The Press. A real show. It’s not a pretend one that I like to watch. It’s a real-life, political issues show. That’s how good Jon Stewart is. Stewart is so good at being a comedian, a political comedian, that people want him to host a real political show. If something goes screwy during Brian Williams’ suspension, I can guarantee that Stewart will be linked to the NBC Nightly News chair as well.

Stewart has made it as a comedian. He has transcended satirist and become one of the smartest political voices in the country.

There will be a lot of rumors about who will fill Stewart’s seat at The Daily Show, but the truth is that new person will have to do it their own way like Stewart did. Nobody can replace Stewart just like no one can quite replace David Letterman. Stephen Colbert will try and I believe he will succeed, but he will do it his own way. The same goes for whoever is next at 11 p.m./10 p.m. central on Comedy Central.

We’ll hear from Stewart once he leaves the show and we’ll keep watching The Daily Show, but when we watch it will just be with a little different Zen.

House of Cards Just Doesn’t Care

Netflix released season two of their hit original House of Cards on Valentine’s Day and so far it’s amazing, as expected.

*There will be spoilers after this, so if you haven’t at least watched Chapter 14 (Season 2, Episode 1) I’d stop here*

A major part of Season 1 was the relationship between majority whip Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and up-and-coming reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara). They used each other for personal gains, had an affair, yadda yadda yadda. It was built up for Season 2 to see who would win between Zoe and Frank.

So the House of Cards team played this out over the whole season, right? Dead wrong. Dead wrong is dead right, actually.

Frank Underwood is no stranger to getting some blood on his hands. He had the same about of blood stains as rib stains in Season 1. Season 2 started with blood and major plot line blood.

It looked like Frank and Zoe were patching up their relationship which got a little shattered towards the end of Season 1. It looked like they would use each other once again to further themselves, with Frank now the Vice President of the United States. It looked like he was covering both of them when he had Zoe delete all of their texts and his contact info… Then he threw her in front of a train.

Yes! My reaction was a bunch of incoherent swear words and I figured House of Cards had instituted a dream sequence of some sorts, but nope. They killed off the second most important character from Season 1 in the first episode of Season 2.

That takes balls. That’s saying ‘we don’t give a damn what you think is going to happen, we’re going to do it our way’. I salute them for that.

I’m quite sadden it was Kate Mara because Kate Mara is a total cutie, but that’s beside the point.

The makers of House of Cards took the advice of their own main character and took matters into their own hands. They are nobody’s prisoner.

Family Guy Killing Off Brian Griffin Is Great Publicity Stunt

I will start off by saying that I’m not the biggest Family Guy savant in the world, I’ve watched probably 50 or so episodes and I can live or live without it. It has its moments where it’s incredibly funny, other moments I shake my head and pray that I have an old episode of Community on my DVR.

The internet was all abuzz on Monday about what went down on Sunday’s episode of Family Guy. The writers of the show decided to kill off Brian Griffin, the beloved family dog. Brian finally died after it looked like Family Guy itself would die about a million times during its run.

No matter how you feel about Family Guy or the killing of Brian, you know about this move if you are tuned in. It has been 35 hours since the episode aired and I haven’t seen Brian or Brian Griffin not be trending on Twitter since.

Congrats to Family Guy for getting what they wanted, the publicity storm that comes when you kill off a major character in your show, especially in today’s day and age. Throw in that the key demographic for Family Guy is the 18-30 year olds that will tweet and facebook about it makes it even better.

Everybody is talking about Family Guy. I’m talking about Family Guy. People who don’t know anything about Family Guy are talking about Family Guy.

The killing of Brian is the animated equivalent of the ending of The Sopranos or Breaking Bad, everybody is talking about it. If they love it or if they hate it, it doesn’t matter because a lot of people are going to be tuning into FOX on Sunday to see what’s going on in Quahog.

The staff at Family Guy and FOX wins because this should result in a ratings boost for a week or two. The publicity stunt of a plot-twist works amazingly well if you pull it off right and it appears Family Guy did just that.

Besides, if you’ve ever watched Family Guy, you know that the show is crazy enough to think up a scenario to make Brian come back from the dead if they really feel the need. Anything goes on Family Guy, to the extent network television will let them.

Many people have asked why wasn’t it Meg that was killed off. To that I say, “Shut up, Meg.”