Seven dollars and a Twins World Series berth

If memory serves correctly, the 2002 Minnesota Twins overachieved tremendously. The Twins went 94-67 en route to the first of three straight division championships and a decade full of success. It was also the last year the Twins won a playoff series.

It was between that series victory over the Oakland A’s and eventual American League Championship Series loss to the Anaheim Angels that I made a bet with my Grandpa. I bet that the Twins were going to make the World Series and Grandpa, ever the realist, said the Twins wouldn’t be that lucky. Like a lot of things, Grandpa was right.

What was the bet? A whole seven dollars. Mainly because that was all that eight-year-old me had in my nylon Minnesota Timberwolves wallet.

Grandpa jokingly asking for that seven dollars was a joke pretty much until his dying day. I many times was going to have to pay for “coffee” with those seven bucks, but never really did. I never did pay that seven dollar bet.

So, as I wallow in another Twins epic playoff loss, I think about how Grandpa would have been smart enough not to get his hopes up on a team that has only won three playoff games since that bet 18 years ago. The Twins haven’t won a playoff game since Grandpa passed away three years ago today, quite possibly in his honor.

As grand as the gesture is by the Twins to not win a playoff game, I would still like for them to make the World Series before I had Grandpa that seven bucks someday.

Miss you more than I miss playoff success… and I really miss playoff success.