Sara Evans must only get one channel on her television. Everything must be static or a black screen or just simulcasts of the one other channel. That has to be it. It’s not all bad; it’s apparently stuck on FOX.

She gets the NFL on FOX, MLB on FOX, NASCAR on FOX, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, the revived X Files thing, American Idol, The Last Man on Earth… oh, never mind.

Evans doesn’t approve of that show. That’s okay, everyone is allowed their own opinion. The songstress and I don’t have to have the same comedic tastes. It only makes sense that we don’t, really.

What should be a non-story has been made a story due to the stupidity of Sara Evans. Evans took to Facebook to complain about The Last Man on Earth, but she did a tad bit more than complain. She asked FOX to parent for her.

Let’s take a look at my favorite line from her Facebook post:

“In the first few scenes it shows him watching porn and saying a prayer to God and making a gross statement about doing something that should NOT be talked about on a major network. FOX. How are we supposed to teach our young boys and girls how to be respectable men and women when shows like that are right there readily available for them to watch?”

Change the channel, Sara, that’s how you can teach the young boys and girls. Don’t let your children watch the shows that you feel are ‘DISGUSTING’. It’s as simple as that.

You can control what your kids watch at home. You could do homework on the new show before you sit down and watch it with your children. Pre-screen it or something.

In this world we don’t need media corporations to teach our children anything, that’s what parents, grandparents and legal guardians are for. If you don’t like something simply change the channel. Maybe you could watch Dancing with the Stars, which is good family fun and sometimes shows Sara Evans in skimpy outfits.

Speaking of skimpy outfits, the ‘gross statement about something should NOT be talked about on a major network’ was about masturbation. The ironic thing being that I’m sure on Evans’ minimal TV appearances alone she’s been the focus of some men’s… umm… ‘admiration’.

And if you don’t like that, you can change the channel.