Netflix released season two of their hit original House of Cards on Valentine’s Day and so far it’s amazing, as expected.

*There will be spoilers after this, so if you haven’t at least watched Chapter 14 (Season 2, Episode 1) I’d stop here*

A major part of Season 1 was the relationship between majority whip Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and up-and-coming reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara). They used each other for personal gains, had an affair, yadda yadda yadda. It was built up for Season 2 to see who would win between Zoe and Frank.

So the House of Cards team played this out over the whole season, right? Dead wrong. Dead wrong is dead right, actually.

Frank Underwood is no stranger to getting some blood on his hands. He had the same about of blood stains as rib stains in Season 1. Season 2 started with blood and major plot line blood.

It looked like Frank and Zoe were patching up their relationship which got a little shattered towards the end of Season 1. It looked like they would use each other once again to further themselves, with Frank now the Vice President of the United States. It looked like he was covering both of them when he had Zoe delete all of their texts and his contact info… Then he threw her in front of a train.

Yes! My reaction was a bunch of incoherent swear words and I figured House of Cards had instituted a dream sequence of some sorts, but nope. They killed off the second most important character from Season 1 in the first episode of Season 2.

That takes balls. That’s saying ‘we don’t give a damn what you think is going to happen, we’re going to do it our way’. I salute them for that.

I’m quite sadden it was Kate Mara because Kate Mara is a total cutie, but that’s beside the point.

The makers of House of Cards took the advice of their own main character and took matters into their own hands. They are nobody’s prisoner.