Kim Kardashian… Wait! Come back! I now you hate reading and seeing the Kardashians on every single media medium, but this is worth it. Trust me.

Kimmy K has a very large back end, it’s so large that she doesn’t exactly fit into regular pants well. She is very extremely shaped and the only reason we know about her is that damn sex tape with that one rapper I never heard of. Ugh, technology.

Kardashian’s butt is so big that she has a personal tailor. Which makes sense, right? She’s a big star with a lot of money; it makes sense that she would have a guy that can help her out with her clothing problems.

Here’s the deal, the guy is always on call. Oh and that’s not the most extreme part, the tailor, Cornelius Clay, gets paid $4,964 a day, A DAY, from Kim Kardashian to help fit her jeans. This dude gets virtually $5,000 a day to make sure that Kim Kardashian’s ass looks nice. What a world.

If you do the math for Mr. Clay, he makes just a little over $1.8 million dollars per year for this gig. That’s kind of a kick in the not-so-tailored shorts of the typical working man.

One day, when I have millions and millions of dollars, I too am going to pay someone $5,000 a day. I don’t know what that person is going to do, but I’m sure I can figure out something that is on-par to Kardashian.

Maybe I’ll take up golfing and I’ll pay my caddy $5,000 a day. I’ll make sure I have some really slick pants, too.