I can’t feel bad for you, kid.

Nathaniel Wertz, 17, was fired by Odyssey 1 family entertainment in Tacoma, Washington for wearing a Denver Broncos jersey to work or, at least, that’s what he wants you to believe.

Odyssey 1 allows their employees to wear Seattle Seahawks jerseys on Sundays, Wertz showed up to work donning Broncos threads and was told to go home and change into a standard uniform.

Now this might seem kind of petty and Odyssey 1 probably should have just accepted it and let the kid get tortured by rabid Seahawks fans, but they didn’t really fire him for his selection of clothing. In the article on ESPN’s website, referencing KUSA-TV in Colorado, Wertz didn’t return to work. His father allegedly tried to call his son’s manager, but the phone was not answered and the son decided to stay home.

Hey, kid, that’s why you were fired. If you are sent home to change, you have one strike on you, and not showing back up is worth two strikes. Three strikes, you’re out.

Congratulations, you have your fifteen minutes of fame. You have your name on an article on ESPN that is titled ‘Teen Fired for Wearing Broncos Jersey’, even though you really weren’t. You were fired because you cried to Dad and Daddy apparently didn’t teach you work ethic.

ESPN, change your headline. Nathaniel Wertz, grow up.