There’s not a whole lot that I love more than country music. Yes, the quality of music and what is considered ‘country’ these days is pretty concerning, but when it’s done right, it’s awesome. Nobody does it better than George Strait and Eric Church.

Eric Church opened up for George Strait on a recent tour date in Kansas City, which I joked about going to and now I really wish I would have. Church did an acoustic set, which is very rare for a stadium/arena show, as the opening act and then sometime during the concert the following happened.

King George and The Chief teamed up!

This is a country music nerd’s dream. One of the best of all-time and one of the best of today (and the future) teaming up on one of my favorite tunes, ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’.

Church’s new album, The Outsiders, is scheduled for release on February 11, which thus far has two awesome singles with ‘The Outsiders’ and ‘Give Me Back My Hometown’, but my gushing over the preacher of the Church Choir can wait for another post.

Now rewatch King George and The Chief. You know you want to.