The Minnesota Vikings have a new head coach; they hired now former Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer to be the ninth coach in franchise history. That’s the part that amazes me, only nine coaches in the 52 seasons of Vikings football.

BudGranted, Bud Grant did swallow up 17 of those years, but still this is an impressive feat. I’ve written multiple times about how the Twins have only had two managers since 1986, which is simply unheard of, because the Vikings small amount of coaches is impressive.

Let’s put this in context, the Minnesota Timberwolves have been around for 25 seasons and they’ve gone through nine coaches already. The same amount of coaches in half the time, it’s sad neither of the tactics are working because neither franchise has won the big one.

I don’t if I should be applauding the Vikings for only having nine coaches in 50 plus years or note that four of those coaches have been at the helm in the last ten years. It’s probably just an anomaly with the benefactor of having a hall of fame coach, who still has an office at team headquarters.

Congratulations, Mike Zimmer, you have been given the keys to a ride that only a few have taken for a spin. Some have crashed and burned, some have ran some pretty nice laps, but none have crossed the finished line coming in first.

Your new ride might need to go to the shop a couple times in the next year in order to make it a fine tune machine. You’ll have to keep it outside for a couple years while they’re building you a shiny new garage, too, but nevertheless it’s yours now, make her yours.

Take the keys, put the pedal to the medal and don’t make the franchise hire a tenth head coach for a long time.