FOX News likes to create controversy; it gets people talking, people like my writing and ultimately draws some eyeballs to their television programs, but there latest scandal is dumb beyond belief.

A FOX News babe said on-air that Santa is definitely white. Of course, anything with race sparks a huge controversy today, but here’s the thing… Children should stop reading now… Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the whole story of Santa is just a really well publicized book and it’s offshoots. It doesn’t matter what race Santa is because he doesn’t exist. At all.

The beauty of this is that Santa can be anything you want him to be. White, black, Indian, green, purple or blue, but it still won’t matter. He’s only in our imaginations where he can be anything we want him to be.

Let’s not sabotage something as precious as a child’s Christmas morning fantasy by making a controversy out of something that simply doesn’t exist.

Your child thinks Santa is 6′ 5″ with washboard abs? Good. The only thing that matters is that child can stay a child and believe in something, before it’s too late.

Don’t you wish you could truly believe in ol’ Saint Nick, again?