I will start off by saying that I’m not the biggest Family Guy savant in the world, I’ve watched probably 50 or so episodes and I can live or live without it. It has its moments where it’s incredibly funny, other moments I shake my head and pray that I have an old episode of Community on my DVR.

The internet was all abuzz on Monday about what went down on Sunday’s episode of Family Guy. The writers of the show decided to kill off Brian Griffin, the beloved family dog. Brian finally died after it looked like Family Guy itself would die about a million times during its run.

No matter how you feel about Family Guy or the killing of Brian, you know about this move if you are tuned in. It has been 35 hours since the episode aired and I haven’t seen Brian or Brian Griffin not be trending on Twitter since.

Congrats to Family Guy for getting what they wanted, the publicity storm that comes when you kill off a major character in your show, especially in today’s day and age. Throw in that the key demographic for Family Guy is the 18-30 year olds that will tweet and facebook about it makes it even better.

Everybody is talking about Family Guy. I’m talking about Family Guy. People who don’t know anything about Family Guy are talking about Family Guy.

The killing of Brian is the animated equivalent of the ending of The Sopranos or Breaking Bad, everybody is talking about it. If they love it or if they hate it, it doesn’t matter because a lot of people are going to be tuning into FOX on Sunday to see what’s going on in Quahog.

The staff at Family Guy and FOX wins because this should result in a ratings boost for a week or two. The publicity stunt of a plot-twist works amazingly well if you pull it off right and it appears Family Guy did just that.

Besides, if you’ve ever watched Family Guy, you know that the show is crazy enough to think up a scenario to make Brian come back from the dead if they really feel the need. Anything goes on Family Guy, to the extent network television will let them.

Many people have asked why wasn’t it Meg that was killed off. To that I say, “Shut up, Meg.”