Welcome to CollinKottke.com!

You have stumbled upon the internet home of Collin Kottke. All are welcome in this lovely abode.

A quick lowdown on yours truly, Collin Kottke:

  • Currently I am a college student at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. At UWRF I host a weekly radio show on the campus radio station, WRFW, and report for the campus newspaper, Student Voice.CK1994
  • I am an aspiring radio DJ with over 700 commercial on-air hours.
  • I love writing and I do that a lot. You can find posts here via the blog tab or click on the links on the left. Those will get you out to other sites that I write for.
  • If you are into looking into my past, look at the past publishings. Some are ugly, but I’ll own up to them.
  • I love music, more than writing, hence the DJ thing, and you can see every concert I’ve been to on the Concert Portfolio tab.
  • I have some weird interests. Those that I want to share are on the These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things tab.
  • Click on the About tab for a little more about my writing and myself.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your trips are frequent and enjoyable beyond compare!

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